Elevating Authentic Thai Dining with Strategic Digital Marketing

Full Moon Thai


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Side Eye teamed up with Full Moon Thai to elevate its digital presence and strengthen its position as Dublin’s premier destination for authentic Thai dining.

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increase in restaurant reservations.

Full Moon Thai stands out as one of the few restaurants in Dublin offering true authentic Thai cuisine, including a Thai spicy option on its menu. Side Eye strategically promoted this unique selling point through engaging content and targeted campaigns, attracting enthusiasts of Thai flavors to the restaurant. 

Side Eye implemented robust analytics tracking and actively monitored Google My Business to gain insights into customer behavior. By analyzing data trends and customer feedback, adjustments were made to marketing strategies and operational practices to enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction.


Increased Foot Traffic: Strategic digital marketing campaigns led to a 40% increase in restaurant reservations.

Boosted Brand Reputation: Strengthened Full Moon Thai’s position as Dublin’s premier destination for authentic Thai cuisine, backed by over 1,000 positive reviews.

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